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Open Type Generator Set

Open Type Generator Set

- Heavy duty base skid with rubber mounting pad for vibration proof.
- Unit genset complete with genset kontrol panel ( ac & dc panel ) which consist of water temp gauge, oil pressure gauge, hour meter, start - stop switch/key, volt meter, ampere meter, frequency meter, volt and ampere selector switch.
- For protection purpose, genset complete with high temp, low oil pressure sensor and over speed for certain brand.
- Equipments supply with the genset are daily tank, tool kit set, manual operation & parts cataloque.

Sabtu, 27 September 2014

Silent type generator set

Silent Type Generator Set

- Our silent bonnet designed base on completely knock down model in case for easier in maintenance and to minimize vibration.
- Sound proofing material which apply in silent bonnet is burnproof sponge with density 30-32 kg/cm2. 
- For capacity 150 KVA and above, sound proof material is mix between burnproof sponge and rockwool fixed with pervorated plate, complete with intake and discharge sound attenuator to reducing noise.
- The silent bonnet material using black steel plate with wheather proof, rust protection, and painted with powder coating process.